An adventurous voyage of discovery through the hidden world of cocaine

Documentary series

Director | Researcher | Editor in chief | Casting 

While newspapers tell us that cocaine use is normalising under millennials, police officials scream that they can’t handle the violent and deadly drugs crime that comes with this booming business. Our minister of justice even accused recreational users of having blood on their hands.

Does sniffing a line of cocaine now and then makes you accessory to deadly violence? And if so, what is the true story behind that fact? 

Seeking answers to these questions I asked six coke lovers to join me on a dangerous expedition through Colombia, the country with the world’s largest cocaine production. In this 6-part documentary series, aired weekly on NPO 3

we find out the shocking truth behind the popular drugs.

But be prepared, things are not always as they seem.

Production company: Simpel Media
Client: Powned, NPO 3
Camera: Patrick Weegerink, Sjoerd Kors, Jarl Piepers
Audio: Stijn Oostenbrink, Jelle Kuiv

Edit: Patrick Weegerink, Nick Rozenberg, Erik Jan Slotboom, Sonja Hollands

Production: Dide Hoogland
Grading: Color in motion
Motion design: Pieter Loosman