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I love to tell stories that entertain, engage and create a positive impact.  


TV & film direction
Documentary making



Ever since I was a little girl, I've been obsessed with stories.

Armed with a defective cassette recorder and neon coloured tapes, I use to walk around my neighbourhood, looking for ordinary people with extraordinary stories. 


In awe of the magic in them all I proudly build a show around it for my audience. Yes, by that I mean my mom and sisters. But hey, I loved it and so did my audience. I think.
For me the universe was not made of atoms,

but of tiny little stories. 

My love for stories never died. On the contrary.
fter my study in journalism, I worked as a researcher and director, making TV and online content.

To satisfy my obsession with why people do what they do, I expanded my knowledge as a market researcher, insights strategist and eventually head of content and co-founder of a digital creative agency.

Loved it all, but not as much as telling stories and making documentaries.


So, today I combine my strategic skills with a ton of energy and a shitload of creativity to make films, documentaries and content that create a positive impact. For people and brands.


NPO, EndemolShine,
SimpelMedia,  BNN Vincent TV producties, Powned,  Amazone Prime,, MTV, Comedy Central,  Keplar Agency, Big Shots, Nickelodeon, DSTRCT, Kidsrights,, 
WNF, more.

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