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A not-so-serious show about  the definition of richness.

Comedy series


In Donnie op the Monnie, lovable rapper Donnie delves into the jet-set lifestyle of wealthy people who have amassed an enviable fortune - often at a very young age - thanks to their unusual talent and entrepreneurial spirit. In this candid and revealing show, we see how Donnie leisurely immerses himself in the lives of YouTubers, influencers, top entrepreneurs, folk singers, hospitality tycoons, DJs and celebrity chefs to see if these stars are really just about the money - or maybe something else entirely.


While Donnie marvels at the luxurious lives of his hosts and hostesses, he thoroughly enjoys their enormous villas, very expensive cars, jewelry, designer clothes, trips to Dubai and the seemingly carefree existence that seems to go with it. While Donnie observes all the excess, he tries to find out how it really feels to be so rich and if money really makes you so happy.

Production company: Vincent TV Productions.
Client: Amazone Prime.


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